Forthcoming Title: Writing for Inquiry and Research

Book cover with an image of multiple stacked open books, over which is the title and author.IOPN is thrilled to announce the upcoming publication of Writing for Inquiry and Research, edited by Jeffrey Kessler, Mark Bennett, and Sarah Primeau, and written by Jeffrey Kessler, Virginia Costello, Charitianne Williams, and Anne Armstrong. The book guides students through the process of writing a college-level research paper. Each chapter focuses on a different genre related to the process: an annotated bibliography, proposal, literature review, and research essay. Each chapter helps familiarize students with these genres and provides strategies for reading, writing, and researching, in addition to presenting examples from across academic disciplines. The book was initially developed for first-year writing at the University of Illinois Chicago and was used this past year in the course in a beta version.

“This book is an innovative step forward for the composition classroom. Rather than a single authoritative voice, the editors and authors envision the book as part of a collaborative classroom space to explore ideas and strategies about writing. Throughout the chapters, as well as in three appendices, we offer links to other open electronic resources that will prove useful to students and instructors alike.” – Jeffrey Kessler, Book Co-Editor and Senior Lecturer, University of Illinois Chicago

A unique aspect of Writing for Inquiry and Research is that it has already been used in the classroom. Several of the editors, authors, and other instructors used a beta version of the book in their composition classes this past academic year, allowing the content to be tested by a variety of students in a classroom setting. This allowed for additional expansion and development based on student and instructor feedback. Furthermore, the content of Writing for Inquiry and Research is broadly applicable across disciplines can be used in a wide variety of composition courses at colleges and universities.

Writing for Inquiry and Research will be published by IOPN in late summer 2023 under the Windsor & Downs Press imprint as part of the OPN Textbook series. Previous titles in the series include Instruction in Libraries and Information Centers: An Introduction by Laura Saunders and Melissa A. Wong, A Person-Centered Guide to Demystifying Technology by Martin Wolske, and Drug Use and Misuse: A Community Health Perspective by Christy Bazan, Brandi Barnes, Ryan Santens, and Emily Verone.