Narratives of Disability and Accessibility


  • Deborah Charbonneau Wayne State University
  • Clayton Copeland University of South Carolina
  • Keren Dali University of Denver
  • Kevin Mallary Old Dominion University
  • Andrew J. M. Smith Emporia State University
  • Kim M. Thompson University of South Carolina



accessibility, disability, doctoral education, Diversity Equity and Incusion, Universal Design for Learning


The COVID-19 global pandemic has presented tremendous health-related challenges that affected workplace dynamics and social interactions. Although effects of the pandemic have been felt worldwide, some communities and individuals have been disproportionately impacted and overlooked in the pandemic response. This ALISE Disabilities SIG session will explore issues around topics related to disability, accessibility, and/or the intersection of both in various LIS educational and library contexts. The proposed session will consist of four interactive panel presentations offering perspectives relevant to the conference theme “From One Narrative to Many,” along with recommendations relevant to LIS educators and practitioners. The overall goal of this panel is to bring attention to the importance of shifting DEI discussions to a more inclusive, and welcoming Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) framework for everyone, with disability and accessibility as integral parts thereof. The panel session will consist of four panel presentations. Presentation topics include: 1) Examining disability definitions and models, 2) Strategies for incorporating universal design for learning (UDL) into online courses, 3) Experiences of disabled and neurodiverse PhD students in LIS during the COVID-19 pandemic, and 4) Defining barriers and identifying solutions for accessible, inclusive teaching and learning environments. At the end of the presentation, panelists will have an opportunity to interact with attendees to discuss the implications of the presentations for a range of various communities such as students, educators, library practitioners, and community members. To help facilitate an interactive discussion format, attendees and panelists will engage together in small group activities and conversations about practices for addressing some of the most pressing issues and concerns highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, attendees will be asked to reflect and comment on how the presented ideas may be applicable to their respective personal and professional environments and attendees will further be invited to share any additional recommendations.






Panels (Juried and SIGs)