Educating for Equity

What Does this mean to You?


  • Michele Villagran San Jose State University
  • Darra Hofman



information policy, information privacy, LGBTQ , sexual and gender minority, marginalized groups, LIS education


This poster presentation summarizes mixed-methods research from the 2021 ALISE Research Grant Competition Award: Educating for Equity?: Sexual and Gender Minority Privacy in Library and Information Studies Education. This project examined whether we can handle complex information policy questions by examining an urgent information problem facing libraries: the privacy of sexual and gender minority (SGM) individuals in the face of COVID-19 surveillance. This session aligns with the conference theme by illustrating how “privacy” is a polysemous concept. Information professionals grappling with privacy from a policy perspective must be prepared for its multi-faceted nature and the distinct privacy needs of different communities. SGM face significant information risks that differ from those of cis-gender, heterosexual people; improper information disclosure can lead to the loss of employment, housing, access to health care, and social support for SGM due to outing. This study asked, “Are LIS programs preparing their students to meet the needs of LGBTQ+ patrons and stakeholders from a policy perspective in the workplace?” Researchers conducted a mixed methods study that included a survey of LIS faculty, a content analysis of ALA-approved masters programs’ learning outcomes and syllabi, a document analysis of the privacy policies of a sample of libraries, and interviews with library employers. The researchers will share any results to date from their analysis and provide current best practices and recommendations for both libraries and LIS educators to help expand the understanding of the privacy of marginalized groups.   






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