Growing Collaborative Outreach Efforts to Support the Well-Being of Communities




Library Outreach


Libraries of all types provide outreach efforts for their patrons to reduce stress and promote well-being. Public, school, and academic libraries often partner with external entities to provide yoga, therapy dogs, and other creative activities for their patrons. Although collaboration is expected in public, school, and academic libraries, how to collaborate and/or grow collaborative efforts is lacking in the library literature. A former public library employee and a former school librarian came together to pilot a de-stressing program for students at their academic library and each semester have continued to grow their collaborative efforts with partners on and off-campus. Strategies for how to create partnerships and expand collaborative efforts are discussed within the framework of providing programs and activities to support the well-being of library visitors. Additional planning materials, such as a list of resources, budgets, and marketing ideas are provided.

Author Biographies

  • Jessica Kohout-Tailor, Clemson University Libraries

    Jessica Kohout-Tailor is an Assistant Librarian at Clemson Libraries in the Information and Research Services department. She has MLIS and SLIS degrees from the University of South Carolina.  She also has her Ed.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of South Carolina. As the Undergraduate Experience Librarian, she provides information literacy instruction, support, and outreach for first-year students.  Before joining Clemson Libraries, she was a school librarian in South Carolina.

  • C. Lili Klar, Clemson University Libraries
    C. Lili Klar is a Library Specialist in the Information and Research Services unit at Clemson Libraries. In this role, she plans, coordinates, and participates in events that promote library resources and services to faculty, staff, and students. Prior to joining Clemson Libraries, she worked in a public library in South Carolina. She has a B.Sc. and a M.A. in psychology from the University of Sydney and is currently working on her MBA at Clemson University.


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