The Capturing Science Contest

An Open-Ended Approach to Promoting STEM Communication


  • Chandler Christoffel University of Georgia



contest, STEM education, STEM communication, STEM libraries, Makerspace, multidisciplinarity


Hosted by the University of Georgia Science Library since 2017, the Capturing Science Contest invites students to explain a STEM concept using any format, media, or genre of their choice, an open-ended approach meant to inspire the widest range of skills, knowledge, and creativity. This article discusses contest rules, promotion, judging, and results. For libraries interested in trying this kind of contest, the article provides recommendations, such as providing judges’ commentaries for winning entries and adopting a broad interpretation of what counts as STEM communication during the judging process. The article mentions some upcoming changes to the contest guidelines and administration, and it concludes with a brief argument for why the contest aligns with the mission of libraries.


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