Streamlining Support: Improving Outreach by Creating a Sustainable Events Framework


  • Tess Colwell Yale University
  • Alex O'Keefe



academic libraries, outreach, strategic planning, outreach programs, library events


Outreach programming in academic libraries includes hosting and marketing library events. At the Robert B. Haas Family Arts Library, events were previously executed ad-hoc and by a few librarians. In order to streamline this work for greater efficiency, promote collaboration, and better serve their patrons, the Arts Library formed a Programming Team. The group developed a framework for library events, as well as workflows and documentation guidelines. This article outlines the process of forming the group, establishing workflows and procedures, and takeaways from an academic year of implementation. It provides a top-level model for coordinating events systematically, highlighting Fall 2019 Reading Week as a case study for using the framework for live events. It additionally discusses adapting the model to fit remote and outside events in spring 2020. The authors conclude with a list of suggestions and considerations for librarians contemplating a similar configuration for their events and programs.