Characteristics of Effective Outreach as Perceived by Library Student Assistant


  • Christopher Marcum University of San Diego



Library Outreach, Library Marketing, Library Student Assistants, Student Perceptions, Library Communications


This paper offers specific recommendations for effective academic library outreach that practitioners may consider as they develop and implement outreach initiatives at their institutions. It describes a methodology that can be replicated for similar case studies at other universities. It also contributes new knowledge to the subject of academic library outreach by reporting on the perceptions of library student assistants at a small liberal arts university in Southern California to gain insight into the kinds of outreach programing and communications students prefer and perceive as effective. This study used in-depth interviews to identify characteristics of effective outreach as perceived by library student assistants. Library student assistants are trained in the use and access of library resources and services and, as such, make ideal informants for outreach librarians seeking to understand what students think about their outreach efforts, including programming and communications.